ZF 1087.298.437 BMW 8HP 8 speed transmission pan kit (24118612901 equivalent).


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Genuine ZF pan kit for ZF 8HP transmissions. 24118612901 equivalent. Suits all ZF 8 speed automatic transmissions on BMW models with plastic sump installed on 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, X, Z series. Sump houses integrated filter. Kit comes with replacement bolts and filler plug. Strict filling procedure must be followed. Up to 8L Lifeguard 8 fluid may be required during refill. Beware of hot exhaust components.

Please note: Since the introduction of the ZF 8HP transmission, three variants of the plastic sump have been in circulation.

The original design was produced by Filtran (pan part number ending in 614) and had noticeably deeper ribs than all the later ones. The G series BMW range saw the introduction of the shallow rib pans, which coincided with ZF sourcing pans from two suppliers in parallel to meet demand during the pandemic period. Filtran remained the primary supplier but Hengst was also a supplier during this period.

Hengst pans can be identified by the different drain plug (non clicky type) and the deep embossed Hengst and ZF logos visible from the exterior. Hengst pans were made in Poland and the ZF kit number which contained a Hengst pan was 1090.298.043. The actual pan number ends in 591. The pictures of the pan in this listing are of the Hengst pan, and are for reference purposes only as these are very scarce now.

From Q3 2020, ZF issued a bulletin announcing the latest iteration of the Filtran pan which is included in the 1087.298.437 pan kit that you will receive. This is the latest version which we have yet to photograph due to stock fluctuations. The actual pan part number ends in 590.

All 3 versions are intended to be fully interchangeable with the part numbers listed in this listing. Please contact us if unsure.