ZF 8 Speed 8HP transmission pan for BMW, Chrysler, Dodge, Land Rover/Range Rover, Maserati, Ram 1087.298.437. Replaces 68142478AB RTK180 WCTK157


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Genuine ZF pan kit for ZF 8HP transmissions used in many makes and models.

Suits vehicles with 8HP45 or 8HP70 automatic transmissions and more.

Cross references:

Alfa Romeo: 77367950

Jaguar: JDE26442, JDE36541

Land Rover/Range Rover: LR023294, LR065238

Maserati: 673003178, 673005766, 673011113

Various Chrysler, Dodge and RAM models (68142478AB)

VW Crafter (some): 0DR301519

BMW/Rolls-Royce part number 24118612901

Ryco RTK180

Wesfil WCTK157


These are genuine German made ZF pan kits which come with a new gasket, filter and bolts. Don't risk putting on a cheap Chinese pan on your transmission.

Although considered filled for life, many owners have reported noticeable improvements in shifting and comfort with a transmission service. We recommend servicing the 8 speed box every 80k km or sooner if you regularly tow or drive hard.

Please note: Since the introduction of the ZF 8HP transmission, three variants of the plastic sump have been in circulation.

The original design was produced by Filtran (pan part number ending in 614) and had noticeably deeper ribs than all the later ones. The G series BMW range saw the introduction of the shallow rib pans, which coincided with ZF sourcing pans from two suppliers in parallel to meet demand during the pandemic period. Filtran remained the primary supplier but Hengst was also a supplier during this period.

Hengst pans can be identified by the different drain plug (non clicky type) and the deep embossed Hengst and ZF logos visible from the exterior. Hengst pans were made in Poland and the ZF kit number which contained a Hengst pan was 1090.298.043. The actual pan number ends in 591. The pictures of the pan in this listing are of the Hengst pan, and are for reference purposes only as these are very scarce now.

From Q3 2020, ZF issued a bulletin announcing the latest iteration of the Filtran pan which is included in the 1087.298.437 pan kit that you will receive. This is the latest version which we have yet to photograph due to stock fluctuations. The actual pan part number ends in 590.

All 3 versions are intended to be fully interchangeable with the part numbers listed in this listing. Please contact us if unsure.