Removal of BMW Locking Wheel Bolts (Locknuts) and Replacement with Standard Bolts

Removal of BMW Locking Wheel Bolts (Locknuts) and Replacement with Standard Bolts

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Many late model BMW vehicles came factory equipped with security wheel bolts to deter and prevent the theft of your wheels and tyres. Unfortunately, tyre shops have some of the biggest collections of wheel lock keys and many mechanics rattle them on far too tight. This unforeseen headache often costs hundreds to resolve and may even result in damage to your expensive rims!

- Recently bought a pre-owned BMW? We recommend checking if your car has the security bolts. If it does, it is worth checking the key (usually stowed with the tool pouch or in a plastic holder beneath the floor or boot compartment covers.

- About to change your brakes or tyres? Avoid wasting another day by getting rid of the lock bolts before your appointment! Your mechanic will thank you.

- Long trip coming up? Don't let a flat tyre ruin your holiday when roadside assist tells you they can't take the wheel off because the lock nut key is broken or missing.


For Sydneysiders, we offer a mobile service within a 35km radius of Olympic Park.
Our technique follows the BMW recommended procedure to minimise the chance of damage to rims. Payment must be made prior to commencement of the job. If we are unable to complete the job, a refund will be provided.

This service is suitable for:

F2x 1 and 2 series
F3x 3 and 4 series
F39 X2
F4x X1, 2 series Active Tourer
F1x 5 and 6 series
F0x 5, 6 and 7 series
F1x X5 and X6 (EXCLUDING M models with the spinning collars)
F2x X3 and X4
Some E series models with the pictured style of lock key (contact us with a photo if unsure)


Please contact us to make a booking.